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 Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We at Brush-By-Design know that our business is harmful to the environment and want to make a difference in the fight against global warming and the emission of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) .

The two best ways we can lower and impact our carbon footprint is to reduce our personal CO2 emissions, secondly to aid the environment by planting trees and plants which absorb CO2.

Thus we have adopted a concept called "Herbs for our Habitat". Each of our customers will receive  complimentary herb plant seeds to plant in their garden to help reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide, absolutely free.


The Company was started with a single purpose in mind.

To provide a "Hassle free" painting experience for all customers.

The vision was born by Rudi van Schalkwyk who was at the time

employed at Dulux pty Ltd.

Employed for nearly 10 years, he gained much experience both with the product as well as the industry.

Even though he knew he was entering a saturated market this did not deter him from pursuing his dream. He knew he could impact the market positively with exceptional customer service.

Our staff compliment understands customer excellence and are fully committed to providing a World Class standard in their workmanship.

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