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The panels are 

 UV resistant
Water resistant
Insulate acoustically and thermally 

Fire retardant 

Hand painted 

Produce unique brick, slate and stone imitations






Rockwood has been manufacturing decorative mouldings for the past 16 years. Most of our products were manufactured specifically for the furniture trade. About 6 years ago
Rockwood made wall cladding with a specific outdoor application.This required our products
to be robust, weather proof and UV resistant. This was achieved using a specially formulated external coating

Rockwood now boasts a decorative panel that combines our industrial strength polyurethane with an all weather coating. This cladding is a lightweight hard wearing panel that
is an exact replica of brick, slate, wood or rock finishes. Not only is the Rockwood cladding
100% UV resistant and water-proof, it also acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator.

The Rockwood Polyurethane that is used in our wall cladding panels was originally developed for military use. This new formula now used in our panels provides a high density flexible inner core without losing the lightness of polyurethane. Polyurethane is commonly
used as an insulator.

Rockwood cladding is fire retardant, does not melt or serve as a combustion base: it is a stable product that does not perish, resists acids, salt water and industrial gases

Handling and working with the Rockwood cladding panels is easy. The product is light weight, solid, easy to cut and can be adapted to fit any space. The panels are cleverly designed
to “key” together like a puzzle, making it easy to install. Rockwood manufactures both indoor and outdoor panels. They look particularly good when used to cover country
cottage walls, patios, revitalize a lounge or living room. Rockwood cladding panels are absolute copies of any accent design, period or building theme.

Rockwood currently manufacture a range of 15 brick cladding varieties, 18 slate designs and colours, 1 wooden finish and 8 unique stone panels.

The panels are made of Polyurethane with an acrylic surface giving the panel a very natural appearance.

The panels:

• are UV resistant
• water resistant
•insulate acoustically and thermally
• are fire retardant
• are hand painted
• produce unique brick, slate and stone imitations
• are easy to handle (weigh about 4 kgs for the indoor panel and 7 kg for the outdoor panel.They measure approximately 1sqm each)
This makes it easy to fix them on the wall and can be done by one person alone.

The clever interlocking design ensures quick ‘fool-proof’ installation. Once joined and acrylic sealant is applied between the panels, a quick paint touch-up ensures there are no visible joints

The Rockwood panels create such an authentic appearance that there is no detectable difference between a real stone wall and Rockwood cladding.

Should you wish for us to send you our latest Summer Catalogue,or have any other enquiries, please email us at info@brushbydesign.co.za. OR contact us on                    082 474 5066.



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